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Maple Leaf Chapter webinar - Getting Winning Prose from Non-Professional Writers

April 26 11am ET

Getting Winning Prose from Non-Professional Writers

Most proposal professionals struggle with getting quality input from non-professional writers, and many end up rewriting everything themselves. This leads to high stress, sleepless nights, and constantly deteriorating health while companies fail to deliver proposals that encapsulate full brainpower and potential of their technical staff. Knowledge is power when proposal professionals learn how to get the non-professional writers to do their assignments well, because it improves everyone’s quality of life while getting the company’s win rate way up. This presentation reveals practical ways to change the psychology and beliefs about writing; get technical writers to think creatively; teach the correct writing process; equip writers with effective tools and techniques; help teams with more than 70 ways of overcoming the writer’s block; and automate the editing process. At the end of the presentation, attendees will acquire real tools and techniques they can apply to their next proposal.

Speaker: Olessia Smotrova-Taylor

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