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Webinar - Important Paradigm Shifts in Proposal Development—2016 and Beyond

Important Paradigm Shifts in Proposal Development—2016 and Beyond

September 14, 2016 - 1:30 Eastern

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Three notable ways in which proposal development practices have changed among forward-leaning and highly successful international organizations:

  1. In a manner similar to Agile software development, migration towards a Successive Approximation Model (SAM) of proposal development in which there is a Proposal Preparation Phase, Iterative Proposal Design Phase, and Iterative Development Phase. Rapid development, interactive review, and ongoing enhancement are critical, as opposed to traditional color review milestones.
  2. Comparatively, Blue Team early in the proposal development lifecycle is far more important than Red Team later in the process. The focus is shifting towards vetting proposal readiness work products across technical, management, staffing, phase-in, and past performance before the full-scale writing begins, as well as receiving executive buy-in for investments in people, facilities, training, and other resources for the Operations phase of the program after the award. Engaged Blue Teams with the right people there promote “skin in the game” enterprise-wide.
  3. Movement away from attempting to make technical and programmatic Subject Matter Experts into effective proposal writers, who can help to articulate value-added STRENGTHs that the organization or Team will provide to the customer set in alignment with the evaluation factors in RFPs and Tenders. The transition is towards upfront and planned interviewing that enables efficient knowledge sharing across technical and proposal/capture teams.

Dr. Frey delivers tangible business value to every one of his small business, mid-tier, and tier-one customers. He is a dynamic and highly productive proposal professional with 29 years of significant, trend-setting accomplishments and thought leadership. His competencies span proposal solution strategizing and architecture development; oral presentation coaching; Knowledge Management (KM); business leader and executive consulting; business planning and capture management; proposal management; and end-to-end proposal design, review, and production, coupled with 33 years of writing and publication-related success. Dr. Frey also brings broad technical awareness in information technology (IT), engineering, scientific support services, and telecommunications. He is conversant in industry best practices such as The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Version 9.1, PMBOK 5th Edition, ITIL V3, CMMI® Institute CMMI ML 3, ISO 9001:2015, and Six Sigma.