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Recent news from the Maple Leaf Chapter of APMP

APMP Maple Leaf Chapter Executive Elections

Matt Down

Hello everyone,

During the next few weeks we will be holding our annual elections. Below is a list of the positions available and a short description of each role. If you are interested in running for a position please email Samantha Jewett by May 2nd. Please send a short bio and indicate which position(s) you would like to run for. In order to ensure we fill all available positions you may select three (3) positions you are interested in filling. For example, in the event that we have 15 people wanting to be secretary, we will try to shift people in order to fill all positions.

In the event that there are multiple people running for the same position we will use the bio you send to us to introduce you to the members for a voting process.

Executive Roles:

  • Secretary
  • Professional Development
  • Memberships
  • Communications
  • Eastern Regional Chair (Maritimes)
  • Western Regional Chair (Manitoba and Westward)
  • Central Chair (Quebec & Ontario)
  • Webmaster

Roles & Responsibilities

Chairperson: Will lead the board and oversee all chapter activities. Primarily, the Chairperson will ensure that the chapter provides APMP with all reporting requirements specified by the Charter Chapter Guidelines.

Note: the role of Chair is nominated from within the previous year’s Executive.

Secretary: Will oversee the preparation of all reports. Specifically, the Secretary will: write and disseminate meeting minutes, and submit copies with the annual report.

Treasurer: Will supervise all fiscal operations and will serve as the primary point of contact to the APMP CFO. The Treasurer will, with the assistance and guidance of the Chairperson: establish and maintain a chapter checking account; develop and maintain transaction logs; verify bank statements, and identify and attempt to investigate and resolve any discrepancies; identify opportunities for fundraising; provide semi-annual reports to the APMP CFO on the Chapter’s activities, including supporting bank statements, receipts, and other documentation; contribute to the annual report, providing an annual fiscal summary; endeavor to maintain the Chapter’s fiscal solvency; and communicate/network with other APMP chapter treasurers to identify opportunities for improvement.

Note: the role of Treasurer is nominated from within the previous year’s Executive.

Professional Development: Will act as a contact person for questions with respect to APMP certification. Will seek out professional development opportunities that may be available within Canada to communicate with members.

Memberships: Will welcome new members and acts as a point of contact for questions from potential members. The Memberships Chair also sends reminders to members about upcoming membership expiration dates.

Communications: Will arrange webinars for members and be responsible for circulating information to members.

Regional and Programming: Each Regional and Programming Chair will be responsible for hosting and setting up two regional events in their area such as in-person seminar, networking event, local training etc. Will enlist potential speakers to provide presentations at the quarterly National meetings.

Webmaster: Will be responsible for updating and maintaining the Chapter website.