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Recent news from the Maple Leaf Chapter of APMP

APMP Canada Membership Referral Rewards Program

Matt Down

As a member of the APMP, you enjoy the benefits of a worldwide network of bid and proposal professionals who share experience and knowledge to elevate the practice for all. The APMP continues to evolve to meet the needs of its members, ensuring a vast pool of knowledge for us all to draw on.

Your APMP Canada Maple Leaf Chapter wants to make sure the Canadian contingent of that knowledge base is following the growth trend. With that in mind, we have launched the 2018 Membership Referral Rewards Program.

The program is quite simple and offers a $25 referral reward to the national retailer of your choice: 

  • Refer anyone to the APMP, specifically the Canada - Maple Leaf Chapter as their home chapter.
  • If that person joins, either you or they should send an email to with the name of the new member, email address, and the name and email address of the referrer.
  • Once we receive notification that they have joined and have been referred by you, we will contact you to ask which store you would prefer your newfound riches originate from.
  • We will then purchase the gift card, and email it to you directly.